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Please consider supporting the Snohomish Senior Center today!



For more information about any of the options below or to donate in other ways, please call the Center at 360-568-0934.

Become a Member

Become a member and support the center.  Click here for more information on membership.

Endowment Program

If you would like to make a donation to the Center that will last forever please consider the Endowment Program. The donation you make is the anchor for the Fund which will never been spent.  The donation is invested and the Center uses the earnings from the investment to support the needs of the Center.

For a printable pledge form.  Click here. 

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Sponsorships are a great way for businesses to support the Center.  The Center accepts sponsorships for any of the daily activities and luncheons.  Businesses can also sponsor the many special events that are held to benefit the Center throughout the year.  From time to time the Center will have a capital need and sponsorships are an excellent way to support those needs.

Information Board

The Center has an information board that businesses can sponsor.  The sponsoring business receives a static promotional 8×10 sign that borders the Center’s information board directly at the entrance of the Center.

Newsletter Ad

Each month the Center mails its newsletter to over 600 members.  Advertising space is available to purchase in the newsletter.  Sponsorship of the postage for the newsletter is also available.


Throughout the year the Center members have various types of raffles.
50/50 raffles are also held in conjunction with most of the special events at the Center.

Golden Circle Club

For those that would like to give monthly the Golden Circle Club is for you.  Donations to the Golden Circle Club support the ongoing operations and activities of the Center.

Please consider supporting the Snohomish Senior Center today!

For more information or to donate in other ways, please call us at 360-568-0934